Valerie Vande Panne

High Times

War on Kids… is deeply disturbing, horrifying to watch, and extremely important. Skip school tomorrow, kids, and SEE THIS FILM… December, 2009

High Priority… on the law enforcement deprioritization of marijuana… May, 2004

HighWitness News… “Officer Albert asked me ‘Do you hate America?’ says Johannes Chapman, who got stopped entering the United States from Canada driving a vehicle used to promote the natural resource, hemp. “And I said, ‘No, I think there are great people and great places in America.’”… November, 2003

2003 Boston Freedom Rally… “It’s an awesome application of technology for the preservation of human rights,” Holmes said. “It puts the power of identification in the hands of the person… Imagine the possibility of everyone being able to watch the state the way they watch us. We’ve got to allow technology into our lives in a way that supports freedom and personal autonomy.”… September, 2003

Taxing Pot… Cannabis… is currently a black-market commodity. “The cannabis tax is currently being collected by criminals and corrupt police.”… August, 2003

¡Narcocorridos Prohibido!… as a result of the narcocorrido, “children and young people lose the familiar interest in study, work and values, to seek easy money, depravity, and vices.”…  Drug trafficking… “is a reality in our country and in all the countries of the world.”… March 2003