Valerie Vande Panne

Harvard Gazette

The Light Princess at A.R.T… Spoiler Alert: the Princess saves the Prince!… December 18, 2013


Egyptian Queen Nefertiti as Goddess, or not, all at the whim of the King… November 18, 2013


“For every invisible man, there is a person who is blind”… HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan receives service award… October 28, 2013


Exosuits and other robots built for people… October 8, 2013


Windows on the world, courtesy Weissman internship program… September 27, 2013


Forks, Knives, and Beakers here, and if you’re into it, you can sign up to take the open course on EdX, no matter where in the world you are or what your education background is… September 10, 2013


“I felt like I was dying,” she said, until finally she was diagnosed and adjusted her diet… August 9, 2013


Ice cream… July 25, 2013


The Civil War, by High School students, collaborating cross-country in theater… “We didn’t want it to be a bad history play, all bonnets and slaves.”–July 10, 2013


Police, Securitas honored for their roles in response to marathon bombings… “You are teachers too. You teach us with the model of your behavior. And this year, you taught us what it means to serve, what it means to have courage, what it means to take risks, and what it means to support others”–Harvard President Drew Faust… June 19, 2013


The Future of Bioethics… “What patterns of health inequality are most morally objectionable? To move forward, we have to know this.”–Dan W. Brock, at Harvard Medical School… May 24, 2013


With inclusion as the goal… “Diversity is not a code word for ‘race’… People who feel included perform to a higher level,” and that “leads to a higher innovation level”… May 13, 2013


PSY at Harvard… “When I wrote [‘Gangnam Style’] last summer, the economy was so bad. Everyone was so poor. My only goal was to make them laugh, with the song and choreography, so I tried to be as ridiculous as possible.”… May 10, 2013


GMO coconuts, Smart Skin, The Click, and Canary Paint … late night infomercial products, 10 years before they appear… Harvard Gazette, April 25th, 2013


Bridge to citizenship, Harvard helps its service employees become US citizens… April 3, 2013


Jason Alexander, aka “George Costanza” at Harvard. Art, like Seinfeld, restores humanity… March 29, 2013


March Madness and Harvard is goin’ to the NCAA tournament “Relax and Attack”–Saunders #23… March 14, 2013


The Power of Cultural Disruption with Elizabeth Streb and Jim Lasko… March 4, 2013


Nicole Scherzinger honored at Cultural Rhythms, with US Treasurer Rosa Rios… February 27, 2013


Confronting the drug war, “The House I Live In” documentary by Eugene Jarecki, with Harvard Law Professor Charles J. Ogletree, shown at the Kennedy School, encourages an end to the drug war… February 14, 2013


Before takeoff, on evolution, birds, alligators, and a feathery, fluffy T-Rex… February 5, 2013


Music for a better world, with the Harlem Gospel Choir, in honor of Dr. King… January 22, 2013


A delightful look at ANTS including the “Lady Gaga”… December 3, 2012


Harvard beats Yale, 34-24, and the tradition continues… November 17, 2012


Law and disorder on the reservation… an HLS conference providing a look at the crossroads of federal and tribal justice, featuring Troy Eid and Kevin Washburn… November 15, 2012


Ernesto Cortes receives service award… “the presidential election… ‘has very little to do with politics. It’s about mobilization of a forced and managed electorate.'”… October 15, 2012